Standard Website Hosting Packages

Standard Website Hosting Packages 

Custom Built Websites made to your specifications

These are available to anyone. Prices vary due to content and set up details.

Enquire today via the Contact Us page and we can supply a quote.

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We need an idea of the type of site you want. If you aren’t sure what that is, go online and explore the different websites out there. Fine one you like that you think will suit your needs and display your product best and we can use that example to base the concept or structure on for your website quote.

Alternatively, go to the WordPress website and explore the gamut of free templates available for use. Select one and we can quote to customise the template with your content and images.

What are the costs?

There are start up costs and maintenance costs. See below.


  • Ranges anywhere from….$299 – $2999 depending on details


  • $20 per month (paid annually in advance)


  • Based on extensive and frequent changes to content. See further down.

Basic / Minimum Web Hosting Plans

A Basic Plan or minimum plan provides you with your own website at your own web address.

What is provided in this plan?

A free domain under


Your website will be fully managed by us so you do not need to know anything about websites to keep everything up to date. We will actively monitor your site for malicious activity and apply updates to the software (wordpress) and all associated components to ensure your site runs smoothly behind the scenes at all times.

Stepping up from a basic plan and going for a mid range to advanced site, you can have your own web address


What pages will the website include?

A standard set of pages include:

  • Home page
  • About Us page: will feature information about you
  • Contact page: will display your contact details
  • Blog page: can display a blog (optional)

With a basic plan you can have two extra pages. With more extensive plans, you can have more pages.

Additional pages might be:

  • Products page:  displays your products
  • Shopping Cart page:  separate orders page
  • Gallery page:  displays your images
  • Information page:  displays general info
  • Links page:  displays links to other pages or sites

The PayPal button or Shopping Cart is incorporated on the Products page however if you require a separate Shopping Cart or Orders Page that can also be accommodated with a separate or linked list of your products.

What do the Hosting fees cover?

As mentioned, the hosting covers the following aspects:

  • Monthly maintenance to website
  • Monitoring for any malicious activity
  • Minor updates and changes
  • Additionional content and pages
  • Upgrade Home page banner / headers

More extensive and / or frequent changes and additions will result in an Extensive Hosting Fee or price per page for additions over and above what our hosting covers. Prices for additional pages range from $60 – $120 per page or a set fee of $100 per month payable annually in advance.

All prices are confirmed prior to any packages proceeding.

What YOU will need to provide:
  • An appropriate image for your Home page banner
  • Content for the Home Page and any other pages
  • An email address for the Contact Us page

NOTE: You must provide an email address that is linked to a PayPal account when you are selling products. This can be the same as your Contact Us email address or a different one completely.  Your PayPal account will already be linked to your bank account so we won’t need any personal details.